Dental Insurance


Dental insurance helps you cover the cost for your routine preventive and diagostic dental services.  Most dental plans cover Preventive dental services at 100% with no deductible.  Basic services such as fillings, simple extractions, etc. typically have a 6-month waiting period, and are covered at 80% of reasonable and customary charges.  Major services, such as crowns, root canals, etc., typically have a 12-month waiting period, and are covered at 50% of reasonable and customary charges.  Most plans will have an annual combined deductible of $50 for Basic and Major services.

Some dental plans have no waiting periods, and are called "Graded Benefit" plans.  While there are no waiting periods, the services are covered at a reduced percentage than the full benefit.  Beginning in the third year of the plan, you will reach the full benefit percentage for all covered services.  "Graded Benefit" plans typically have lower monthly premiums because of the reduced benefit percentages.

There are also Dental “Discount” programs that have a much lower monthly premium than traditional dental insurance plans.  Discount dental programs are NOT insurance plans.  Participating dentists have agreed to accept a discounted fee from members as payment-in-full for services performed.  You show your membership card when visiting any participating dentist to receive most dental services at discounted fees, ranging from 10% - 40%.


Go to Dental Plans for Individuals and Families for more details.